Resiliency Education and Skills Training (REST) 
 for the healthcare provider

 As taught at Yale University School of Medicine and as offered as a Planetree Organization Teleseminar, REST is an experiential, educational workshop series for doctors, nurses, and emergency workers to:

1. Reduce and ward-off burnout.

2. Improve interdisciplinary communication.

3.  Rejuvenate empathic care for patients.
Offering REST to healthcare students, doctors, nurses, APRN's, PA's, paramedics, and other direct care workers provides another opportunity for hospitals to enhance their employee and patient satisfaction.  A culture of safety through relief from practice stress and healthier staff relations will inevitably result in better patient care.
   The statistics of recent research on burnout symptoms, from depersonalization to drug addiction and suicide, for healthcare providers are frightening. 

REST helps you not become a statistic.                        


Find out why REST is essential to maintaining high quality medical practice by going to our "Get the Facts" page.

REST creates a comprehensive approach to wellness:

What makes REST different
is that we combine the success of practices and programs that have individually proven themselves into a comprehensive  resiliency training for healthcare providers that translates into empathic care for patients.

Our workshops utilize Narrative Medicine practice, Relational Therapy, Interpersonal Communication Theory and Trauma Recovery practice. Creative and skill-building exercises, along with researched information about burnout, communication, and empathy, offer a well-rounded approach to provider wellness.

Additionally, we have developed REST's Critical Incident Management (CIM3) three part process for reducing the negative emotional impact on providers that often cause secondary trauma and compassion fatigue.

CIM3 brings together concepts of mindfulness, internal resourcing, and cognitive restructuring in an easy-to-learn step process that can be done in 5-10 minutes total immediately following a critical incident.  Learn more about CIM3 and how it can foster resiliency.

While not group therapy, the workshops have a reflective and therapeutic effect. REST provides a psycho-educational experience through interactive, creative exercises and skill development.

For patients and hospitals, REST bridges scientific advances with the power of interpersonal effectiveness to help heal the sick and secure a better health care experience.

Ava Diamond, LCSW
Jacqueline Cohen, MADT

"Beyond the humanitarian argument for physicians to offer care along with cure, there are other compelling reasons to consider the psychological and social reality of patients as being within the medical realm rather than separate from it. Historically, medicine in Modern society has defined its mission in terms of curing disease-the medical disorder-while overlooking illness-the patient's experience of disease.Patients, by going along with this view of their problem, join a quiet conspiracy to ignore how they are reacting emotionally to their medical problems-or to dismiss those reactions as irrelevant to the course of the problem itself."

 Daniel Goleman,

Emotional Intelligence
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