Research Findings:  Get REST...don't become a statistic.

Burnout is characterized by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and lost sense of well as addiction, depression, and suicide.  The statistics are staggering.  REST attends to the humanity of healthcare providers so that they, in turn, will be better able to offer the most humane care for patients.


*Up to 60% of practicing physicians report symptoms of burnout.

*Nearly half of all third year
students report burnout with suicidal ideation.
-JAMA 2009; 302 (12): 1284-1293

Study by Sacramento Medical Society showed:

76% of physicians reported that burnout affected patient satisfaction at a “medium to high” level


*Study by Harvard University found that suicide rate among doctors is 40% higher for males and 130% higher for females than the general population.


*The Harvard Review of Psychiatry published a study in 2008 that found rates of prescription misuse 5x higher among physicians than the general public.





According to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), the problem with interdisciplinary communication is often fatal:
"Communication failure amongst healthcare professionals caused 70% of the reported 2,455 sentinal events, with about 75% of patients dying as the result.

Sept. 2006

Nurses experience consistently describe the same issues in interdisciplinary relations:

1. Inappropriate, disruptive, or abusive behavior by physicians
2. Dismissive attitudes about nurses.

3. Power/gender issues.
4.Communication/collaboration issues.


Issue in Nursing
Nurse/physician relationships

Improving or not? 
-Theodora Sirota,APRN, BC, PhD
Nursing 2007 Vol 37 No. 1

10% of nurses struggle with addiction:

With nearly 3 million Registered Nurses employed in the United States, this means that almost 300,000 RNs may be substance abuse users. Another perspective is, if you work with ten nurses, one of them is likely to be struggling with addiction.

* Emotional Demands
* Trigger Addictions in Nursing
the need to
internalize their feelings in order to stay in control and make split second, life and death decisions.

Nurses go from one emotionally and physically demanding situation to another with little time to decompress." Hollaran
Author of "Impaired" A Nurses story of Addiction and Recovery."
Kaplan Publishing, 2009.

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